The Ainsley Band - TV t-shirt / Cameo EP

You can now get The Ainsley Band TV t-shirt (pictured above) their bandcamp page here for only £8 (+ P&P). The t-shirts are highly limited and medium and large sizes remain.

If that wasn't enough the t-shirt comes with Cameo EP. The EP is download only and not available anywhere else. You can only get it by buying the t-shirt. The EP features demos of 5 new songs not yet currently available (they may or may not end up on the band's future albums).

Mi Mye - Album Bundle

Last year Mi Mye recorded a live album at Drury Lane Library as part of Long Division Festival. Rhubarb Bomb released the album for those that attended with a small number put on general sale. We've managed to get our hands on a small number of this small number, and are offering it along with their Sometimes Life's Cool album for only £10 from our bigcartel page here.

imp - Easy Virtue EP

imp have today released a brand new ep entitled Easy Virtue. It features 7 brand new tracks and is available as a free download only from imp's bandcamp page. There are also very highly limited physical version available only at imp gigs. The physical formats feature original drawings, stickers and dead insects (see below).

EP Tracklisting
1. Neverland Hologram
2. Fooled
3. Maze Brain
4. Imperial Illusions
5. Swabstick
6. Ex-wrestler
7. Subterra

10th April - Old Blue Last, Shoreditch
26th May - Gold Souds Festival, Brudenell Social Club, Leeds

Don't forget you can also still get imp's debut album Moon Coastal Maine from our shop; £8 for CD and £5 for download.

The Sunbeams EP available to pre-order

The Sunbeams debut self-titled EP is available to pre-order from our bandcamp page now. It is available on limited edition CD and digital download formats. The CD is £3 and the download is £2 (the CD also includes the download). Upon pre-ordering you will receive an immediate download of the lead track Hit Me With It with the rest following on the release date of 21st April.

The band will launch the EP on 19th April; firstly with an acoustic performance at Wah Wah Records at 12pm (details here) followed a launch gig at The Hop Wakefield at 8pm. Entry to The Hop gig is £5 entry including a copy of the EP. If you pre-order the EP you will gain free entry to the gig. The CD will also be available at Wah Wah Records. Purchasing the EP there will also gain you free entry to The Hop gig (capacity permitting of course).

'Four cuts of goodtime punk n roll.' Dukla Prague Away Kit

'Worthy of attention.' With Guitars

'Buckets of promise.' Golden Plec

'Just as the body needs certain basic resources in order to live, so music fans need some solid guitar tunes in their diet.' Supajam

Remaining prints

We have a few prints remaining from last weeks ART PHOP exhibition. Thanks to everyone who has bought one already. If you missed out (or you'd like to buy another one) here's the list of what we have left (only 1 of each, first come first served).

(from top left):
These Men - Is There Another Lonely Sweetheart This Christmas Eve?
Lapels / Sponge Wings - Rocket Footage EP
The Compression - Au Naturel
imp / Jeremiah - The Heartfelt EP
The Bambinos - Being There
The Ran-Tan Waltz - If The people Are Against You The Future Is Yours
Runaround Kids - Kiss Chase
Fur Blend - Vicugna Pacos
Protectors - Hard Times / Four Sevens
St gregory Orange - Things We Said In Bedrooms

Each print is 12" x 12" and are £10 each. Postage is £3. Contact us at if you'd like to buy one.

The Do's - Helpful - OUT NOW

The Do's release their new single Helpful today as a download. It's available from all download sites including our bandcamp. All proceeds will be donated to Leeds MIND. You can also watch the video below.

ART PHOP: An Exhibition

This Friday we host our first ever art exhibition at Unity Hall, Wakefield. It will run from Friday to Monday. It's something we're pleased to be able to do as at Philophobia we've always believed in trying to make our releases eye-catching. Artwork is important we think and we've been lucky that many talented artists have produced some amazing artwork for us (and I've done a couple too). 

Pop along and have a look for yourself. The opening times will be:
Fri 11am - 7pm
Sat 11am - 7pm
Sun 11am - 4pm
Mon 11am - 7pm

We'll be exhibiting every front cover as well as gig posters from throughout our history. In addition to that some of the artists will be showing some of their other works. You'll be able to buy some of these as well. Also a few Philophobia artists will be popping in to play some acoustic sets. Scheduled to appear are:

Fri 5pm apprx - These Men

Sat 1pm apprx - The Ainsley Band
      2pm apprx - St Gregory Orange
      3pm apprx - Runaround Kids
      4pm apprx - Yard Wars

Sun 1pm apprx - One Day After School

Mon 4pm apprx - The Do's

(time subject to change, check our Twitter account @PhilophobiaMus for up to date times).

Piskie Sits Album offer

We've got our hands on some copies of Piskie Sits 2007 debut album The Secret Sickliness on CD (originally released by Wrath Records). So we are offering them together with last year's album Creature Feature for the absolute bargain price of £10. Only for a limited time and other from our bigcartel page here.

The Do's - Helpful

The Do's release their new single Helpful as a digital download on 17th March. All the proceeds are going to the mental health charity MIND. We; nor the band will be taking a penny from it.

Heres Elliot from the band to explain: 
The whole reason for us doing this I strongly believe that there is serious lack of funding regarding mental health. Waiting lists for counselling are extremely long. Sometimes the hardest thing that anyone has to do is admit to them self and someone else that they need help with some aspect of their life and for this person to then be placed on a waiting list for weeks even months just isn't right. If you have neck ache, a chest infection or have trouble taking a dump you're at the doctors and told to take some tablets and voila you're ok! You go and say you're having trouble with a mental health issue and you're placed on a waiting list and told to hang on for god knows how long. I know that solving these issues are nowhere near as easy as the everyday things listed above but there must be more that governments/we as people can do to make things a little better for people struggling in these situations.

I personally was diagnosed with obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) a few years ago. Now many people think that everyone who suffers with OCD has to wash their hands all day or something like that but this is not the case. I don't have to flick the light switches on and off 17 times or some other stereotype. My condition is thought based and consists of me having to relieve the anxiety of intrusive thoughts by neutralizing that anxiety, i.e. by saying to myself " I didn't do this or that " or "you wouldn't do this or that" and ending up in thought cycles for hours/days and it can be debilitating. Through counselling I have learned about cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT). Counsellors use this method to treat different types of phobias and anxiety disorders. It enables people who suffer with these conditions to try to see things in a different light.

There needs to be more mental health awareness within society because it's most likely that you know someone who suffers in some way. It’s not the 1950s anymore and things have come a long way since then regarding knowledge of mental health but stigma still exists. Charities such as MIND not only try to help people who suffer with mental health problems but by simply been there, end the stigma surrounding them. 

There are a few people we'd like to thank:
Rob Dee at Philophobia Music
James Brown at Top5 studios for recording
Ash Scott for filming the video
Laura Thompson for all her help with the artwork
and anyone who's ever bought our Slide EP because you basically paid for us to be able to release this single.

Thanks for taking the time to read this
The Do's

The single will be available at all digital and streaming sites. You can also enjoy the video below.

The Ainsley Band - UK Tour Kickstarter campaign

 The Ainsley Band (formerly The Michael Ainsley Band) are about to embark on their first UK tour next month. It’s never been harder for a band to make a living on the road, and The Ainsley Band have turned to their growing and loyal fanbase to help make it happen.

Head over to their Kickstarter campaign and help them raise the funds to cover the basics of touring (petrol, beds, service station food) and in return they'll offer you a number of incentives for helping out. There's an exclusive EP of new tracks the band are working on and a postcard from the band during the tour. A limited edition band t-shirt for the tour. You could have your picture included in the artwork for their next album. Or maybe you'd like the band to come round and play at your house.

Please get involved.