Sale Now On

Our Winter Clearance Sale is now on. There are plenty of titles available but some are in very limited numbers. All are available from our bandcamp here.

Full list of items
The Ainsley Band - Live at Unity Works 12" & DVD - £7.50
The Ainsley Band - 5-4-3-2 She's not the One - £1.50
The Ainsley Band - Devil's In The Detail - £2.50
The Ainsley Band - Cyclone - £2.50
Buen Chico - The Patron Saints of Lost Causes EP - £1.50
Clandestines - Saturday As Usual - £3
The Do's - This N That EP - £2
Fur Blend - Alley Pally - £1
Fur Blend - Vigugna Pacos EP - £1.50
The Grand - Incapacitated, Ill Fated And In Love - £4
Imp - Moon Coastal Maine - £3
Mi Mye - Sometimes Life's Cool - £5
One Day, After School - U-Boat EP - £2
One Day, After School - The Future Is Not Ours, Comrade EP - £1
Piskie Sits - Live at Unity Works 12" LP - £10
Piskie Sits - Creature Feature CD album - £5
The Reacharounds - Heavy Roll CD album - £3
Runaround Kids / We Are Losers - split 12" EP - £1
Runaround Kids - No Dreams 7" single - 50p
Shake Your Halo Down - Signals CD EP - £1.50
The Ship-Tones - Indie Reggae Revolution 12" LP - £10
The Ship-Tones - Indie Reggae Revolution CD album - £3
St Gregory Orange - Midnight at the Sycamore Lounge CD album - £3
St Gregory Orange - Things We Said In Bedrooms CD album - £1.50
Yard Wars - Death To Western Hifi CD album - £4

(subject to availability, prices valid until 31st January 2017).

Shake Your Halo Down - Complete Casanovas

Shake Your Halo Down have just released their 12th single of the year, the last in their Casanovas singles series. Throughout the year they have released a single on the last Friday of the month, as normal rules aren't applicable around Christmas here we are releasing Jesus H a week and a half early. Download on a pay what you feel basis over at our bandcamp here.

We've also handily collected the last 6 tracks together into an EP called Casanovas Pt2. You can download that here. Casanovas Pt1, featuring the first 6 tracks of the year is also still available here.

2 New Christmas songs

Today both Mi Mye an dPiskie Sits release new Christmas songs. Mi Mye offer up I'm Dreaming Of A. While Piskie Sits unleash Christmas Eve (Die Hard, Home Alone, Elf).

Both are available to download and stream from the usual outlets as well as from our bandcamp page.

Also check out the videos for both below.

Mi Mye - I'm Dreaming Of A

Piskie Sits - Christmas Eve (Die Hard, Home Alone, Elf)

The Ainsley Band's Farewell Gig at Long Division Launch

Sad news; The Ainsley Band are splitting. Good news; they are doing one last gig. It will be at Crux (in it's new location of Fell House, George Street, Wakefield). It will also be the launch night of Long Division Festival. More details on the event can be found here.

We have also reduced the price of all the remaining The Ainsley Band stock we have left:

Live at Unity Works 12" LP & DVD NOW £7.50!

5-4-3-2 She's not the One NOW £1.50!

Devil's In The Detail NOW £2.50!

Cyclone NOW £2.50!

Take Turns - Cryptomnesia Crept OUT NOW

Take Turns debut album Cryptomnesia Crept is out now. Available on 12" vinyl and digital formats. The vinyl edition also includes the cd version of the album. The digital version can be found at all download and streaming sites. The vinyl is available from Crash Records, Jumbo Records (both Leeds), Wah Wah Records (Wakefield) and from ourselves here.

One Day After School Crowdfunder

One Day, After School have been working on their debut album throughout 2016, which we will be releasing in 2017.

They are currently running a crowdfunding project will enable them to complete the mixing and mastering of the album. This will enable them to pay for two final days in the studio mixing and mastering the album to the highest possible standard.

There are plenty of exclusive offers from the band so check it out here. Please help if you can. If this is successful the album will go to press in January and will be released sometime in April 2017. 

The album has been recorded at Greenmount Studios (The Cribs, New Model Army) in Armley by Jamie Lockhart (Mi Mye), Lee Smith (Middleman) and Rob Slater (The Spills) and features guest performances from Emma Pollock (The Delgados), Chris Charlton (Protectors, Pylon, Shake Your Halo Down) and Loz Campbell. It features ten tracks including recent single "When I Loved Music, When Everything Was New". If successful, the album will go to press in January and will be released sometime in April 2017. 

Also don't forget the band's previous releases are still available and revenue generated from these will also help get the album out The Future Is Not Ours, Comrade / U-Boat / Somasphere / In Skeletal / When I Loved Music, When Everything Was New/ Footprints On The Ceiling

The Spills - All Spiller, No Filler NEW EP OUT NOW

The Spills released their new EP All Spiller, No Filler on Friday. It features 4 new tracks written during the Collecting Dust sessions. As with Collecting Dust we co-releasing this with our friends Alcopop! Records. It's available to download and stream in all the usual places and also as a pay what you want download from our bandcamp here.

The band also play at Crux, Wakefield on 9th December.

All Spiller, No Filler tracklisting
1. Never Thought
2. Already Over
3. Black Grass
4. Heaven Smoke

The album Collecting Dust is still available on download, CD and LP. Buy it from us here.

Buen Chico - Working For A Work Free Future - NEW ALBUM OUT NOW

Buen Chico today release their long awaited third album Working For A Work Free Future. Following on from a succession of concept EPs this is their first full length album since Our Love's Enormous in 2007. We say while the wait has been long it's absolutely been worth the wait as the album is a belter. It's not just us that thinks so, Steve Lamacq has played a few tracks on BBC 6music including the album in his recommends program. Charlie Ashcroft at Amazing Radio is also a big fan.

The album is released on 12" LP (including CD copy) as well as on all download and streaming sites. You can find the vinyl at Rough Trade, Jumbo Records, Sound It Out Records, Notorious Aardvark, Crash Records, Vinyl Tap, Wah Wah Records and of course bandcamp page.

PHOP Action at Long Division Festival

It's our favourite weekend of the year again this weekend. That's right it's Long Division time again. Due to the impeccable taste the organisers have, there is once again a wealth of PHOP action for you across the weekend. Kicking things off on Friday are Yard Wars opening up for the legendary Gang of Four at Unity Works.

On Saturday we co-curate the indoor stage at The Orangery with our good friends Vinyl Tap.
The running order for the stage is:
Charlie Padfield & The Gamma Rays - 12.45
The Do's - 1.45
Fur Blend - 2.45
Jaded Eyes - 3.45
SAMH - 4.45
Knuckle - 5.45
Buen Chico - 6.45
Climbing Alice - 7.45

You can find plenty of your other PHOP favourites around the festival at the following:
One Day After School - Theatre Royal 1pm
Jack Winn - Westgate Chapel 1.45
The Spills - Warehouse 23 - 2.30
The Ainsley Band - Unity Works 3.45
Mi Mye - The Art House 4.30

Round things off on Sunday with the Post War Glamour Girls live album recording at St Austin's Church. While not a Philophobia band they will feature Rob (The Spills/Mi Mye) and Morgan (Buen Chico/Mi Mye) playing with them and we are releasing the recording along with Hide & Seek Records. Besides that they are amazing.

See you there.

Yard Wars / Cactus Knife Split EP and Tour

Yard Wars and Cactus Knife are heading out on tour together again. And they are releasing an EP together. We will be releasing a 6 track split EP featuring 3 new tracks from each band. The EP will be available on all those digital formats across the normal sites but there will limited edition 10" version. There will only be 100 copies pressed and each will come in a wax sealed double sided poster sleeve. Subject to availability they will be available at all the above shows. To avoid disappointment why not order a copy now for only £8 from bandcamp page.

Yard Wars
2. Vampires of Silicon Valley
3. Molten Psalms

Cactus Knife
1. Love (Here She Comes)
2. Heart Red // Bled Blue
3. Broken Row Boat