The Grand - Incapacitated Ill Fated and In Love - PRE ORDER NOW

The Grand release their debut album 'Incapacitated, Ill Fated and In Love' on 24th May. It's released on CD and digital formats. You can pre-order the CD version now here. Pre-ordering the album will also gain you free entry to the album launch show (details below) and you will also receive an immediate download of 'A City That Loves Me' from the album. Your CD will be posted to you ahead of the release date.

The album will be launched on Sunday 24th May at Players Bar Wakefield. Support will come from The Ainsley Band and Knuckle. Entry is £5 or £12 with a CD copy of the album (free entry to pre-orderers see above). Doors at 7.30pm.

'The Grand have produced an album based on complex love stories and I'm hooked' Leeds Music Scene

'deserves your very serious attention' Glossy Onions

'a mixture of guitar and bass infused dramatic melodies, teamed with strong vocal ability, creating an alternative ‘pop’ sound that is very addictive' Leeds Local Sound

The Do's - This N That EP OUT NOW

The Do's This N That EP is out now. It is available on limited edition CD (100 copies) and digital formats. The CD is available from Crash Records, Jumbo Records (Leeds), Debut Records (Barnsley), Wah Wah Records (Wakefield) as well as from our shop.

You also be able to buy the CD at the forthcoming The Do's gigs:
18th April - Players Bar, Wakefield
2nd May - Milos, Leeds (5.15pm)
13th June - Long Division Festival, Wakefield (venue & time TBC)

Piskie Sits Live At Unity Works OUT NOW

Piskie Sits Live at Unity Works is released today on limited edition 12" LP. The 13 track live album was recorded by Greenmount Studios on Sunday 14th September 2014 as part of Long Division Festival.

The record - our first vinyl album release - is available for only £15 from our BigCartel page here. Each copy includes a download code (go to to redeem).

Limited copies will also be available from from Crash Records (Leeds), Debut Records (Barnsley), Jumbo Records (Leeds), Sound It Out Records (Stockton on Tees), Wah Wah Records (Wakefield) and Unity Works (Wakefield).

Piskie Sits - Live At Unity Works 12" LP PRE-ORDER

On 14th September as part of Long Division Fringe Piskie Sits were recorded live by Greenmount Studios at Unity Works. We are releasing the results as a limited edition 12" LP. There will be only 200 copies. It will be officially released on 30th January 2015. To secure yourself a copy you can order it now for only £15 (plus delivery) by clicking on the button below. If you need convincing watch the video of This Good This Bad from the show.  
Side A
1 Hey Everyone
2 Always The Crap Songs
3 Family Tree
4 I Know And You'll Know
5 Young Dumb And Full Of It
6 Waiting For The Dance Of Death
7 What Is The Point?
Side B
8 Feat. Pharrell Williams
9 No Hidden Chord
10 Big Fat Mouth
11 Viktoria Plzen
12 Churp Churp
13 This Good This Bad

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Big Clearance Sale

Hope you've all had a good Christmas. We've had a good 2014 and have got a lot of big things planned for 2015. Before that though we need to clear some space and get some money in the pot to pay for it all. With that in mind, we are having a sale. Until the end of January all singles and EPs will be £2 or less and all albums will be £5 or less (stock permitting). All available from our bandcamp page unless otherwise stated.

Singles / EPs
The Ship-Tones - Dilemma CD £2
These Men - Five Short Love Songs CD £2
Fur Blend - Alley Pally CD £2
One Day, After School - U-Boat CD £2
Shake Your Halo Down - Signals CD £2
Fur Blend - Vicugna Pacos CD £2
Buen Chico - The Patron Saints Of Lost Causes CD £2
Runaround Kids / We Are Losers 12" £2
One Day, After School - The Future Is Not Yours, Comrade CD £2
Tiny Planets - The Trick Is To Keep Breathing CD £2
imp - Sewerpop! (How The Castle Was Stormed) CD £2
Protectors - The Stem & Leaf 12" £2
Various - To Dare Is To Do 3x mini CD £1
Buen Chico - The Seasons CD £2
The Bambinos / The Ran-Tan Waltz 7" £0.50
Piskie Sits - The Way I'd Like To Go CD £2
imp - Just Destroyer CD £2
Runaround Kids - No Dreams 7" £2
The Spills - Smoke Signals CD £2
The Spills - I'm Scared I Might 7" £2
The Compression - Au Naturel 7" £0.50
Lapels - Painted Skeletons 7" £0.50
Little Japanese Toy - Deaf Through Persistence Cassette £1.50 Bitching Cassettes

Albums / compilations
The Reacharounds - Heavy Roll CD £5
The Ainsley Band - 5-4-3-2 She's not the One CD £5
Yard Wars - Death To Western Hifi CD £5
Clandestines - Saturday As Usual CD £5
Mi Mye - Sometimes Life's Cool CD £5
Piskie Sits - Creature Feature CD £5
The Ainsley Band - Devils In The Detail CD £5
Various - We PHOPPED Something In The Water CD £5
imp - Moon Coastal Maine CD £5
The Ainsley Band - Cyclone CD £5
Runaround Kids - Teeth Blue Lips Red CD / Comic Book £3
St Gregory Orange - Midnight At The Sycamore Lounge CD £5
Runaround Kids - Linked Arms CD £5
The Ainsley Band - Slip Smash CD £4
Lapels - What We Tried And How We Failed CD £1
St Gregory Orange - Things We Said Bedrooms CD £3
Piskie Sits - The Secret Sickliness CD £2

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Matt Knee - Down To The Bridge (featuring Rosie Doonan)

Our final release of the year is the debut single by Matt Knee. Matt has been played in various bands around Wakefield and Leeds over recent years, most recently of course he drummed in The Ainsley Band on their tour earlier this year. His debut single Down To The Bridge features Cry Baby Cry's Rosie Doonan on vocals (her third appearance on a Philophobia release!).

The track is available to download on a pay what you want basis from our bandcamp page here.

The Ship-Tones - Dilemma (featuring Edwyn Collins) OUT TODAY

The Ship-Tones debut single Dilemma (featuring Edwyn Collins) is released today. It's available to download and stream at all the usual outlets including at our PHOP SHOP here.

The single will be launched tonight at Warehouse 23, Wakefield. The Ship-Tones will be joined by a supporting cast of Manchester alt-rock band Man Made and Leeds bands Masses and Deadwall. In addition Ross Jarman (The Cribs) will be DJing throughout the night. Doors are at 7.30pm and entry is only £5.

See you there and hope you enjoy the single whether you make the launch or not.

Mi Mye - Night Swimming and the Snow

Mi Mye have been making a tradition of releasing new material at Christmas time for a few years now. Night Swimming and the Snow is this years offering and is their first new material since last years Don't Freak Out On Me Christmas EP. You can download the song on a pay what you want basis here. It is also available at all the usual digital outlets.

Mi Mye will once again be hosting their Christmas Eve party this year playing their Christmas songs. Once again they'll be supported by The Ainsley Band at the event which will be held at Unity Works, Wakefield for the first time. Entry is free and doors are at 7.30pm.

The Ship-Tones Debut Single & Launch

We are pleased to announce that will be releasing the debut single by The Ship-Tones. The single will be a AA side comprising of Dilemma (Feat. Edwyn Collins) and So Good For Me (Feat. Stephen Holt & Clint Boon) and will be released on Thursday 18th December with a launch party at Warehouse 23, Wakefield. Advance tickets priced at £3 are available below (it will be £5 OTD).

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For those of you unaware of The Ship-Tones they an exciting new outfit from Leeds, re-working indie rock hits and uniting the vocals of the original front men from each band with a re-written and re-interpreted reggae style backing (the original vocals are pre-recorded).

The brain-child of Chris ‘Shippo’ Shipton and prolific reggae guitarist Chris Campbell, The Ship-Tones merges the ideas, riffs and structures of the original compositions and creates a whole new cross-over with a true live band feel.

We are working on their debut album but unfortunately we can't tell you much more at the moment but keep checking for updates.

Fur Blend - Alley Pally OUT NOW

Fur Blend's new single Alley Pally is released today. The limited edition CD is available from the PHOP SHOP as well as Wah Wah Records and Jumbo Records for only £2. Downloads and streams are available from all the usual outlets.

You can also get Alley Pally CD along with their Vicugna Pacos EP for only £5 from our BigCartel page.