People that we like that we think you should check out.

TUESDAY NIGHT MUSIC SOCIAL Monthly gathering of the Wakefield music community.

LONG DIVISION FESTIVAL Festival celebrating the Arts and DIY culture in Wakefield.

BODYS Put on great gigs in Wakefield.

WAKEFIELD JAZZ Bringing great jazz to Wakefield for as long as I can remember.

CLUE RECORDS Awesome record label based In Leeds.

LIBERTINO RECORDS Probably my favourite record label in the world right now.

WAH WAH RECORDS Amazing record shop in the centre of Wakefield.

CRASH RECORDS The best record shop in Leeds.

JUMBO RECORDS The other best record shop in Leeds.

VINYL WHISTLE Releatively new record shop in Headingley.

VINYL TAP A fine record emporium in the centre of Huddersfield.

JOLLY BOYS BREWERY You can find me hosting the quiz at their Wakefield pub every other Wednesday night.

HENRY BOONS The venue for our monthly gigs.

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