Wanna Buy A Record?

To celebrate our 10th anniversary I have written a book about the past 10 years. I have selected 22 tracks from the back catalogue for a new compilation. In addition a number of artists we have worked with have re-imagined tracks from their labelmates. The whole project is called Wanna Buy A Record? and will feature brand new artwork from Russell Searle. We have launched an Indiegogo campaign for this. Check it out now here


Best Of
Hearts Are Tape Machines - St. Greogory Orange
Falling Into Better Hands (7" version) - Runaround Kids
Helpful - The Do's
Write Home - Baker Island
When The Weathers Wrong - The Bambinos
Call Of The Wild (EP version) - imp
When We Were Evil - Lapels
I Don't Want To Make You Happy I Want To Make You Cry - The Grand
Dilemma - The Ship-Tones (featuring Edwyn Collins)
Home It's Not The Heart - Shake Your Halo Down
This Good This Bad - Piskie Sits

When I Loved Music, When Everything Was New - One Day, After School...
Sometimes Life's Cool - Mi Mye
Turns Green - Gary Gore & E.E. Viles
Jason Orange - Climbing Alice
You'd Have Never Even Asked My Name As Long As You Got The Satisfaction You Need - Clandestines
Happy To Stay - The Ainsley Band
Dark Horse - Dark Horse
Vampires Of Silicon Valley - Yard Wars
Happiness Is Important - Buen Chico
Serotonin - Fur Blend
Going Back To Missoula, Montana - The Spills

Cover versions
Back From Battle (imp) - Clandestines
2 Sunrises (Mi Mye) - Climbing Alice
Crash Landed Clouds (The Spills) - Maude and the Modules
Invisible Anchor (One Day, After School...) - Buen Chico
Can't Lose Lover (Runaround Kids) - We Are Losers
Weasel (The Compression) - St. Gregory Orange
Don't Step Back Into Your Grave (Clandestines) - Shake Your Halo Down
Dream Sequins (Sponge Wings) - Lapels
Blush (Runaround Kids) - Mi Mye
Bones (Fur Blend) - One Day, After School...
Three Guesses, No Prizes (St. Gregory Orange) - Chloe Juliette Beswick
Constellationing (Charlie Padfield) - These Men
Night City Air (Mi Mye) - The Ship-Tones
561 Dead Astronauts (Lapels) - Sponge Wings
The Narcissist (We Are Losers) - Runaround Kids

The book and compilations will be released on 30th November with the Indiegogo campaign running until 3rd November.


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