Guitarmageddon Is Here

The Reacharounds release their sophomore album Guitarmageddon today. Available on CD and digital formats the albums sees the band tweaking their signature Heavy Roll sound to better explore the highs and lows of these turbulent times.

The CD can be found in Crash Records, Jumbo Records (both Leeds), Vinyl Tap (Huddersfield), Wah Wah Records (Wakefield) as well as direct from us here. The digital format can be found at all the usual digital outlets such as Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube, Amazon and many many more.

You can listen to The Reacharounds curated playlist on Spotify here

We also still have copies of their 2014 debut Heavy Roll available on CD here.

You can next catch the band live at The Grove Inn in Leeds perform two sets on Saturday 30th June, details here.


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