Half price CD album sale

All our CD albums releases are half price in our online shop throughout May.
The Ainsley Band - Cyclone now only £1
The Ainsley Band - Devils In The Detail now only £1
The Aisnley Band - 5-4-3-2 She's not the One now only £1
Clandestines - Saturday As Usual now only £2.50
The Grand - Incapacitated, Ill Fated and In Love now only £2.50
imp - Moon Coastal Maine now only £2.50
Mi Mye - Sometimes Life's Cool now only £4
Charlie Padfield - Balloon Magic now only £2.50
Piskie Sits - Creature Feature now only £4
The Reacharounds - Heavy Roll now only £2.50
The Ship-Tones - Indie Reggae Revolution now only £2.50
The Spills - Collecting Dust now only £4
St. Gregory Orange - Things We Said In Bedrooms now only £1.50
St. Gregory Orange - Midnight At The Sycamore Lounge now only £2.50
Yard Wars - Death To Western Hifi now only £2.50


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