Phundraising Thanks

Thank you to everyone who cam to our Phundraising Weekender this weekend. It was an absolute blast. You raised £1,090.86 for us. This wipes over a third of our debt. I really can't thank you all enough for your generosity in helping make the weekend not only a successful fundraiser but an immensely enjoyable time. I'm overwhelmed and humbled to tears by you all, you beautiful beautiful people.

Individual thanks to Shane and Mike for doing the sound, Amy, Lucy and Charlotte for sterling work behind the bar, Stevie G and Stringer for djing, John for photographing the weekend, Jamie for finding a solution to the pillar problem and of course all the bands that played.

A few people have been in contact saying that they were unable to attend but wish to donate, so I've set up a donate button to our paypal account. Thank you in advance to anyone who donates through this.

Of course another way (and especially helpful in light of the fact that we have to vacate Crux at the end of the month) is to buy some merch - CDs & Vinyl here and T-shirts here.



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  2. i am really happy that you guys are successfull over fundraising , may god succeed you more you want, and thanks for sharing this update