PHOP Action at Long Division Festival

It's our favourite weekend of the year again this weekend. That's right it's Long Division time again. Due to the impeccable taste the organisers have, there is once again a wealth of PHOP action for you across the weekend. Kicking things off on Friday are Yard Wars opening up for the legendary Gang of Four at Unity Works.

On Saturday we co-curate the indoor stage at The Orangery with our good friends Vinyl Tap.
The running order for the stage is:
Charlie Padfield & The Gamma Rays - 12.45
The Do's - 1.45
Fur Blend - 2.45
Jaded Eyes - 3.45
SAMH - 4.45
Knuckle - 5.45
Buen Chico - 6.45
Climbing Alice - 7.45

You can find plenty of your other PHOP favourites around the festival at the following:
One Day After School - Theatre Royal 1pm
Jack Winn - Westgate Chapel 1.45
The Spills - Warehouse 23 - 2.30
The Ainsley Band - Unity Works 3.45
Mi Mye - The Art House 4.30

Round things off on Sunday with the Post War Glamour Girls live album recording at St Austin's Church. While not a Philophobia band they will feature Rob (The Spills/Mi Mye) and Morgan (Buen Chico/Mi Mye) playing with them and we are releasing the recording along with Hide & Seek Records. Besides that they are amazing.

See you there.


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