PHOP Stock In Shops

We've recently had a check round our stockists and found some have some stock that we've not got any copies of back at HQ.

The Leeds Music Hub in Headingley has quite an array of things left. There's the last copies ANYWHERE of Runaround Kids - Linked Arms and  The Do's - Slide EP. They also have a good selection of all our other releases.

Sound It Out Records in Stockton on Tees has a few remaining copies of We PHOPPED Something In The Water as well as a selection of our album releases.

Wah Wah Records of Wakefield has plenty of releases we have sold out of. It also has 1 copy of We PHOPPED Something In The Water left. There are also copies of imp's Just Destroyer and Sewerpop! (How The Castle Was Stormed) EPs, To Dare Is To Do EP, Lapels' What We Tried And How We Failed as well as the last couple of 5 7"s for £1 bundles.

Don't forget you can also find our stock in Crash Records (Leeds), Jumbo Records (Leeds), Notorious Aardvark (Doncaster), Rough Trade (London) and Vinyl Tap (Huddersfield).

Please support the shops as well as they support us.


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