It's The Winter Clearance Sale

We've started our Winter Sale. Reductions will continue until end of January (while stocks last).

The Ship-Tones - Indie Reggae Revolution CD album WAS £10 NOW £7

Features vocals from Edwyn Collins, Stephen Malkmus, Ryan Jarman, Ricky Wilson, Justin Hayward-Young, Gary Jarman, Stephen Holt & Clint Boon, Thabo and Jeffrey Lewis.

Piskie Sits - Live at Unity Works 12" Live LP WAS £15 NOW £10

Recorded live at Unity Works as part of Long Division Festival 2014 by Greenmount Studios.

The Ship-Tones - Dilemma (feat. Edwyn Collins) CD single WAS £2 NOW £1

b/ Good For Me (feat. Stephen Holt & Clint Boon).

These Men - Five Short Love Songs CD EP WAS £2 NOW £1

 5 track Acapella EP. Very limited numbers left.

 The Reacharounds (Leeds) - Heavy Roll CD album WAS £8 NOW £5

 The Ainsley Band - 5-4-3-2 She's not the One CD album WAS £5 NOW £3

Acoustic album.

 Yard Wars - Death To Western Hifi CD album WAS £8 NOW £5

Shake Your Halo Down - Signals CD EP WAS £3 NOW £1.50

Clandestines - Saturday As Usual CD album WAS £7 NOW £4

imp - Moon Coastal Maine CD album WAS £8 NOW £3

Piskie Sits - Creature Feature CD album WAS £8 NOW £5

The Ainsley Band - Devil's In The Detail CD album WAS £5 NOW £3

Buen Chico - The Patron Saints Of Lost Causes CD EP WAS £4
 NOW £2

Runaround Kids - Teeth Blue, Lips Red Comic book w/ CD WAS £5 NOW £2

24 page comic book designed by George Garthwaite.

Runaround Kids / We Are Losers split 12" EP WAS £5 NOW £2

 St. Gregory Orange - Midnight At The Sycamore Lounge CD album WAS £5 NOW £3

One Day, After School. - The Future Is Not Ours, Comrade CD EP WAS £3 NOW £1

 Tiny Planets - The Trick Is To Keep Breathing CD EP WAS £4 NOW £1

imp - Sewerpop! (When The Castle Was Stormed) CD EP WAS £3 NOW £1

 Very limited numbers left.

Protectors - The Stem & Leaf 12" EP WAS £5 NOW £2

Buen Chico - The Seasons CD EP WAS £4 NOW £1

The Bambinos / The Ran-Tan Waltz split 7" EP WAS £1 NOW 50p

Very limited copies left.
Includes lyric sheets and Bambinos photograph.

Piskie Sits - The Way I'd Like To Go CD EP WAS £2 NOW £1

Runaround Kids - No Dreams 7'' single WAS £3 NOW 50p

The Spills - Smoke Signals CD EP WAS £2 NOW £1

The Spills - I'm Scared I Might 7" single WAS £2 NOW 50p

 Black discosleeve copies only remaining.

The Compression - Au Naturel WAS £1 NOW 50p

 Very limited copies left.

Lapels - Painted Skeletons 7" single WAS £1 NOW 50p

Limited copies left.

Philophobia 5 years t-shirt (small & large only) WAS £5 NOW £3

 Only 2 left.

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  1. I finally found where you can view all their discography. I think they tough guys