Runaround Kids split!

Sad news reaches PHOP HQ as Runaround Kids have this evening announced they are splitting up. We're incredibly proud to have worked with them for the last 6 years. We had some great times with them - slots at Leeds and Reading and touring round Ireland. They leave behind some great music as well as the memories, speaking of which they've just released their final recordings on their bandcamp page (see band statement below for link). We wish them all well in their new ventures.

Band statement:
Hey, Runaround Kids are ending. It's become impossible for us to feasibly continue, so we're releasing the last songs we did, which were recorded in December 2013. We're asking for a pound or more for them - this is because Philophobia's endless support in releasing our records has left them with a fair bit of debt from us (about £1,400 worth), so any money it raises will go to them, to try clear that a bit and hopefully to support other bands to get to do the things we did. All the merchandise we have left is reduced as well, for the same reasons.
It's been a blast. None of us were older than 16 when we started the band, 8 years ago(!), so it's been a huge chunk of our lives. It's sad to see it go, but it's been pretty amazing, and we've done some stuff I remain very proud of. A final gig is sadly not on the cards. Thanks to everyone who helped us since 2008.
Here's some stuff we're doing now:
George's poetry and art:
Jack's music:
Rob's in The Ainsley Band:

George, Jack and Rob

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  1. I never heard of such a group. interesting to hear what kind of music they play? it seems to me that it is not popular