Piskie Sits - Live At Unity Works 12" LP PRE-ORDER

On 14th September as part of Long Division Fringe Piskie Sits were recorded live by Greenmount Studios at Unity Works. We are releasing the results as a limited edition 12" LP. There will be only 200 copies. It will be officially released on 30th January 2015. To secure yourself a copy you can order it now for only £15 (plus delivery) by clicking on the button below. If you need convincing watch the video of This Good This Bad from the show.  
Side A
1 Hey Everyone
2 Always The Crap Songs
3 Family Tree
4 I Know And You'll Know
5 Young Dumb And Full Of It
6 Waiting For The Dance Of Death
7 What Is The Point?
Side B
8 Feat. Pharrell Williams
9 No Hidden Chord
10 Big Fat Mouth
11 Viktoria Plzen
12 Churp Churp
13 This Good This Bad

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