Big Clearance Sale

Hope you've all had a good Christmas. We've had a good 2014 and have got a lot of big things planned for 2015. Before that though we need to clear some space and get some money in the pot to pay for it all. With that in mind, we are having a sale. Until the end of January all singles and EPs will be £2 or less and all albums will be £5 or less (stock permitting). All available from our bandcamp page unless otherwise stated.

Singles / EPs
The Ship-Tones - Dilemma CD £2
These Men - Five Short Love Songs CD £2
Fur Blend - Alley Pally CD £2
One Day, After School - U-Boat CD £2
Shake Your Halo Down - Signals CD £2
Fur Blend - Vicugna Pacos CD £2
Buen Chico - The Patron Saints Of Lost Causes CD £2
Runaround Kids / We Are Losers 12" £2
One Day, After School - The Future Is Not Yours, Comrade CD £2
Tiny Planets - The Trick Is To Keep Breathing CD £2
imp - Sewerpop! (How The Castle Was Stormed) CD £2
Protectors - The Stem & Leaf 12" £2
Various - To Dare Is To Do 3x mini CD £1
Buen Chico - The Seasons CD £2
The Bambinos / The Ran-Tan Waltz 7" £0.50
Piskie Sits - The Way I'd Like To Go CD £2
imp - Just Destroyer CD £2
Runaround Kids - No Dreams 7" £2
The Spills - Smoke Signals CD £2
The Spills - I'm Scared I Might 7" £2
The Compression - Au Naturel 7" £0.50
Lapels - Painted Skeletons 7" £0.50
Little Japanese Toy - Deaf Through Persistence Cassette £1.50 Bitching Cassettes

Albums / compilations
The Reacharounds - Heavy Roll CD £5
The Ainsley Band - 5-4-3-2 She's not the One CD £5
Yard Wars - Death To Western Hifi CD £5
Clandestines - Saturday As Usual CD £5
Mi Mye - Sometimes Life's Cool CD £5
Piskie Sits - Creature Feature CD £5
The Ainsley Band - Devils In The Detail CD £5
Various - We PHOPPED Something In The Water CD £5
imp - Moon Coastal Maine CD £5
The Ainsley Band - Cyclone CD £5
Runaround Kids - Teeth Blue Lips Red CD / Comic Book £3
St Gregory Orange - Midnight At The Sycamore Lounge CD £5
Runaround Kids - Linked Arms CD £5
The Ainsley Band - Slip Smash CD £4
Lapels - What We Tried And How We Failed CD £1
St Gregory Orange - Things We Said Bedrooms CD £3
Piskie Sits - The Secret Sickliness CD £2

Delivery option


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