Vinyl releases: Past, Present, Future

The long term Philophobia fans amongst (or perhaps just the observant) will have noticed we've not released anything on vinyl for some time (July 2012 in fact). The reason for this was not because we were being contrary whilst vinyl sales were soaring, just simply we were losing too much money. Over £4,000 to be vaguely accurate. Even now this accounts for over 50% of our total losses. On 8 out 66 releases! So we decided to take a step away from releasing vinyl until we were confident we could cover our costs. That time has come. Well nearly. 2015 will see the return of PHOP vinyl. And LPs for the first time too. More details will follow in due course but we are currently working on numerous releases. Get excited.

We have decided that we won't release singles and EPs on vinyl again though. And we have also decided to delete some 7" releases. We will do this at the end of the year. In the meantime we have taken the decision to reduce them to 50p. We'd like them to find a place in your record collection if they are not already in there. We could also do with a few quid to pay for all these new vinyl releases.

So for only 50p:
Lapels - Painted Skeletons / Last Great Civilisation 7" single (we've still got a couple of hundred of these left as we misguidedly got 500 copies pressed rather than the 250 copies of subsequent releases).

The Compression - Au Naturel / Weasel 7" single (only a couple of dozen left).

The Bambinos / The Ran-Tan Waltz split 7" EP (includes lyric sheets, photos, download code).

Also still available (and will be until sold out)
The Spills - I'm Scared I Might / Faux Pas Ha Ha 7" single - £2 (plain black sleeve. Only about 40 left).

Runaround Kids - No Dreams / Falling Into Better Hands 7" single - £3

Protectors - The Stem & Leaf 12" EP - £5

Runaround Kids Vs We Are Losers split 12" EP - £5

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