Jack Winn - Send Me To The Stars

Jack Winn; bassist off of Runarounds Kids recorded a solo EP a while back. Here's Jack to explain: 'This was recorded as university coursework, written from about August to December 2012, and recorded in a day in December at Greenmount Studios with some pretty incredible hangovers. Mixed over the next few months in Logic and Protools, occasionally nipping back to Greenmount to use some of the incredible equipment and even better mixing advice from Jamie. Handed in April 2013. I got a 2.1 for it.

I always planned doing something properly with this, but I think the moment's passed and I've been sitting on it for way too long. It ended up being a properly fun thing to be involved with, and I'm totally in debt to Jamie, Slater and Chad for giving so much time helping me out.'

You might recognise 'Feel Anything' from our 'We PHOPPED Something In The Water' compilation album last year. If you liked that I'm sure you'll enjoy the other 5 tracks that make up Send Me To The Stars. Find it here.

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