Sensational Summer Sale

We've decided to have a bit of a sale while the football is on. So for the next month all (current available) EPs and singles are half price at

Fur Blend Vicugna Pacos EP WAS £4 NOW £2
Buen Chico The Patron Saints Of Lost Causes EP WAS £4 NOW £2
The Do's Slide EP WAS £3 NOW £1.50
Runaround Kids / We Are Losers 12" EP WAS £5 NOW £2.50
One day, after school............ The Future Is Not Ours, Comrade EP WAS £2 NOW £1
Tiny Planets The Trick Is To Keep Breathing EP WAS £4 NOW £2
imp Sewerpop! (How The Castle Was Stormed) EP WAS £3 NOW £1.50
Protectors The Stem & Leaf 12" EP WAS £5 NOW £2.50
Various To Dare Is To Do EP 3x mini CD EP WAS £2 NOW £1
Buen Chico The Seasons EP WAS £4 NOW £2
The Bambinos / The Ran-Tan Waltz 7" EP WAS £1 NOW 50p
Piskie Sits The Way I'd Like To Go EP WAS £2 NOW £1
imp Just Destroyer EP WAS £3 NOW £1.50
Runaround Kids No Dreams 7" single WAS £3 NOW £1.50
The Spills Smoke Signals EP WAS £2 NOW £1
The Spills I'm Scared I Might 7" single (black sleeve) WAS £2 NOW £1
The Compression Au Naturel 7" single WAS £1 NOW 50p
Lapels Painted Skeletons 7" single WAS £1 NOW 50p

Also our 5th anniversary t-shirt is reduced to £7 (what we paid for them). There are very few of these remaining.

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