Rob Dee Is Still A C*nt T-shirt

Once upon a time there was a t-shirt that proved to be very popular (pictured left). It sold out. 'I really want one. Will you be getting anymore?' I was asked and asked time and time again. 'Erm, no sorry, I've lost the master artwork and the artist can't find it either.' was the replied wheeled out so often it boarded on catchphrase. 'So you really are one then.' was the usual response to this.

Finally a solution. A new t-shirt (illustrated below). A new design but a familiar message.

The t-shirts are available to order now for £8 (plus p&p) from our BigCartel page. They will be available in approximately two weeks from today. Ordering will help us make sure we order the right sizes. If you can't place an order in the next couple of days and would like one please email us with your size details. Thanks.

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