Remaining prints

We have a few prints remaining from last weeks ART PHOP exhibition. Thanks to everyone who has bought one already. If you missed out (or you'd like to buy another one) here's the list of what we have left (only 1 of each, first come first served).

(from top left):
These Men - Is There Another Lonely Sweetheart This Christmas Eve?
Lapels / Sponge Wings - Rocket Footage EP
The Compression - Au Naturel
imp / Jeremiah - The Heartfelt EP
The Bambinos - Being There
The Ran-Tan Waltz - If The people Are Against You The Future Is Yours
Runaround Kids - Kiss Chase
Fur Blend - Vicugna Pacos
Protectors - Hard Times / Four Sevens
St gregory Orange - Things We Said In Bedrooms

Each print is 12" x 12" and are £10 each. Postage is £3. Contact us at if you'd like to buy one.

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