The Ainsley Band - UK Tour Kickstarter campaign

 The Ainsley Band (formerly The Michael Ainsley Band) are about to embark on their first UK tour next month. It’s never been harder for a band to make a living on the road, and The Ainsley Band have turned to their growing and loyal fanbase to help make it happen.

Head over to their Kickstarter campaign and help them raise the funds to cover the basics of touring (petrol, beds, service station food) and in return they'll offer you a number of incentives for helping out. There's an exclusive EP of new tracks the band are working on and a postcard from the band during the tour. A limited edition band t-shirt for the tour. You could have your picture included in the artwork for their next album. Or maybe you'd like the band to come round and play at your house.

Please get involved.


  1. The Ainsley Band - UK Tour Kickstarter campaign is pretty good one and I enjoyed with the band and Enjoyed their gig supporting Art Brut!

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