January Clearance Sale

It's January clearance sale time again. All remaining physical stock of all single and EP releases have been reduced in price:

Buen Chico - The Patron Saints Of Lost Causes CD EP WAS £4 NOW £3.50
Buen Chico - The Seasons CD EP WAS £4 NOW £2

Fur Blend - Vicugna Pacos CD EP WAS £4 NOW £3.50

The Do's - Slide CD EP WAS £3 NOW £2 (LIMITED STOCK)

imp - Sewerpop! (How The Castle Was Stormed) CD EP WAS £3 NOW £2
imp - Just Destroyer CD EP WAS £3 NOW £1 (LIMITED STOCK)

One Day, After School... - The Future Is Not Ours, Comrade CD EP WAS £2 NOW £1

Piskie Sits - The Way I'd Like To Go CD EP WAS £2 NOW £1

Protectors - Hard Times / Four Sevens T-shirt in a can with 2 track download WAS £5 NOW £2.50 (VERY LIMITED STOCK)
Protectors - The Stem And Leaf 12" EP WAS £5 NOW £2.50

Runaround Kids / We Are Losers - Runaround Kids Vs We Are Losers 12" EP WAS £5 NOW £2.50
Runaround Kids - No Dreams / Falling Into Better Hands 7" single WAS £3 NOW £1

The Spills - Smoke Signals CD EP WAS £2 NOW £1

Tiny Planets - The Trick Is To Keep Breathing CD EP WAS £4 NOW £3

Various Artists - To Dare Is To Do 3x mini CD EP WAS £2 NOW £1 (LIMITED STOCK)

Sale runs until 2359 31st January 2014 while stocks last. Prices return to 'WAS' price 0000 1st February 2014.


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