Cassette Store Day & Bitching Cassettes

Tomorrow is the first ever Cassette Store Day. We are not involved this year but it seems like a good time to remind you of our own cassette label: Bitching Cassettes.

We are now down to the last handful of copies of the split Runaround Kids & The Spills cassingle. Featuring Runaround kids' Into The Light and The Spills' Atomic Arabian Facebuster it's available for £3 from the Bitching Cassettes bandcamp page.

Also available from the same place are Bitching Cassettes t-shirts. Featuring the above logo cassette sized on a black t-shirt, they are available in small, medium and large for £5 each.


  1. I miss those days when you could walk around town with a ghetto-blaster on your shoulder letting everyone around know what impeccable taste you had (it’s a bit like iPod headphones today, only a little bit quieter). But who knows, maybe for one day this year we can bring those glorious times back.

    So, on this 7th of September please join me in dusting off those forgotten tapes in the attic and giving them another little play. Sure some will get eaten and others will have completely given up the ghost, but those that survive will bring back memories and leave a warm fuzzy glow in your heart. It might even make you fall in love with the humble cassette all over again. And what could be the harm in that?

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