Compilation delays

Unfortunately there has been a delay on us receiving the cd copies of We PHOPPED Something In The Water from the pressing plant. They were originally due back with us at the beginning of this week so the theory was those of you'd that had pre-ordered would receive it today. However, bad weather at the pressing plant meant that they couldn't be shipped out til this Tuesday. No worries, we'd receive them today and you'd receive yours for Monday. Not ideal but it'd work, but despite being told it had been shipped out on Tuesday it turns out it's been put on truck that'll ship out tomorrow (Saturday). We'll now receive them on Monday and will work to get them in the post to you immediately. Sorry for the delay, it's been completely out of our hands, some of it has even been out of the hands of the pressing plant. We'll release the digital pre-order a day earlier than planned tomorrow to try to make up for the delay.

1 comment:

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