The Best Things Come To Those Who Wait

PHOP033: St. Gregory Orange - Midnight At The Sycamore Lounge

Whereas St Greg's debut album was released to the eager anticipation of no-one, the same couldn't be said of the follow up. Things We Said In Bedrooms had been a bit of a slow burner and by the time they retreated to work on the follow up people were just finding them. That was in 2010. It was hoped the follow up would surface in the summer of 2011. Two perfectionists experimenting in their own studio were never going to work to deadlines though. It would be ready when it was ready.

They did resurface with some new songs and two new band members in 2011 though. They played the Cathedral with Jack from Runaround Kids on bass and Chad from The Spills on guitar. The new line up and new songs built anticipation up.

However, it would be almost another year before the album would be released. I think it's far to say it was well worth the wait though. Building on from Bedrooms, it's an ambitious and layered record. You can lose yourself in it for days.

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