It's Christmas

PHOP039: These Men - Is There Another Lonely Sweetheart This Christmas Eve?

We'd never managed to persuade any of the bands we'd worked with to record a Christmas song before. And well, to be honest we didn't here either. Morgan from Buen Chico contacted to say his other group These Men had a couple of Christmas songs. One was earmarked for Anthologies Charity Christmas album but would I be interested in releasing the other.

Well of course I was. Especially when I saw the title. For me the best Christmas songs are full of hopeful melancolia so the title definitely fills that criterion.

Oh, the artwork has 'The Lonely Christmas Songs Of These Men' across the top. That's because of the aforementioned other track. Which we don't have. I kind of like the fact though that a lonely SONGS album only has one SONG on it though.

The whole song is quite lovely too. Don't be a fool who think you can only listen to Christmas songs at Christmas, go have a listen now:

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