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PHOP032: Runaround Kids - You'd Feel The Same

To follow their debut album Linked Arms Runaround Kids weren't interested in just writing another album. Nor did they want to do just a single. Or an EP. They had another idea. They were going to release songs on a variety of formats as they wrote and recorded them.

To kick things off, a single released in a way that was new to both or us. A t-shirt. I don't mean t-shirts were new to us, we'd all been wearing them for years, I mean as a promotional format. Obviously we'd have a download and/or a cd with it too.

The design for the t-shirt took a while to come together but was settled on an image of an old unused church in Wakefield. Pigeon shit covered pews. Perfect. Not long after the t-shirt was released the church burnt down in an arson attack. A real shame, although disused it still looked great.

The t-shirt sold out very quickly and gave the singles series a great start. As for the song you can hear it here:

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