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PHOP034: Runaround Kids / We Are Losers - Runaround Kids Vs We Are Losers EP

The second in Runaround Kids singles series was a split EP with Irish band We Are Losers. We'd met them when both bands played at Leeds Festival the previous summer. We really liked them and the single they put out on Dance To The Radio. With that label stopping we wondered what they were doing next. When we found out they'd be up for releasing some with us a plan was hatched.

Could we do a split and get both bands touring together? Both in Ireland and England? We managed to get a tour in Ireland booked, the UK leg never happened though. Oh well I'd get to go on holiday(ish) for once.

The EP followed a similar format to our previous split EP releases. There would be two songs from each band plus a cover of the other band. This time though it would be a 12" rather than a 7". Naming the EP proved problematic. Several ideas were suggested and quickly rejected as being inappropriate or just plain shit. We finally settled on the simple title. All problems sorted.

The tour in Ireland was booked and we'd take the EP over for the gigs. Easy plan. Unfortunately time got away from us a little and we were a little disorganised getting things sent off. This meant the EPs arrived at PHOP HQ the day off we set off for Ireland. Bugger.

Well we'd just enjoy the tour and take a few orders. We nearly didn't make the tour though either. Our ferry was due to leave Liverpool at 3am and had to be there for 2am. We left Wakefield at 10pm so we didn't have to rush. It was all going fine until I missed a turning when we got off the M62 and spent the next 2and a half hours aimlessly driving around every port in Liverpool. We finally found the right port half an hour late and were only just allowed on the ferry. That was too close.

It was well worth it when we got to Ireland. It was great. Some great nights, loved hanging out with We Are Losers and the hospitality was unlike anything we'd experienced before. None of us wanting to come back. If only we could have missed the ferry back!

Have a listen to the EP and pretend you were there with us:

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