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PHOP037: Runaround Kids - Teeth Blue, Lips Red

The culmination of their single series. This brought together all the tracks from their singles (minus their cover of We Are Losers' The Narcissist) plus their single on our sister label Bitching Cassettes nd their contribution to the Rhubarb Bomb compilation. In addition it had a couple of brand new tracks. All in a 24 page comic book.

In true Philophobia style we put the comic books together at home. It wouldn't take much in terms of time and right. Erm, yeah, not quite. I severely underestimated this. I made so many trips to a high street store they began to recognise, I think they were getting suspcious of what I was doing with. Still they probably don't have to worry about administration anytime soon. I've also just recently finished putting all 150 comic books together. It took me back to my time editing the Rhubarb Bomb. how we managed to put together 500 copies of that every two months I don't know.

Anyhow you can listen to the record at:

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