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PHOP023: Michael Ainsley - Slip Smash

It'd be hard to imagine Philophobia with Mike. after all up to this point he'd featured in some way on half of our releases. This was his debut solo release though. He recorded most of this over the course of 2010 at Irene Cottage, dictating to Rob Slater when it was happening. He played everything on the record as he's extremely talented/he's got no mates (delete as appropriate) apart from on Licence when he performs with Tim Metcalfe for the first time since Lapels split.

The album cover features Mike at what he said was his lowest. Some people have mentioned it's a nice touch then not to put loads of text of it. That wasn't a conscience decision, Mike forgot to tell Charlotte what he wanted on the front. Looks better without I think. Funny have things turn out.

The album was due to be launched in February 2011 but in Mid January 2011 a good couple of songs still hadn't been recorded. Upon asking whether it was going to be done in time for the launch (for which the band hadn't yet rehearsed for either) all he said was 'it'll be right'. Annoyingly he was right.

The album was launched with a one off full band show at The Hop. It was great. That was the only band show to promote the album, Mike was joined by Harry Rhodes for acoustic shows only after that. Until late last year. But that's a tale for another time.

You can find Slip Smash at:

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