Tuning Off From Radio Mars

PHOP013: Lapels - What We Tried And How We Failed

The date was 9th December 2009. A Wednesday. I'd just passed my driving test at the 6th time of asking and would be starting my new dayjob the following week. Things were looking good. Then the news came through that rocked Philophobia. Lapels had split up.

Surely there must some mistake there. It was only 6 months ago they were on BBC 6music right? And they were writing and recording their debut album too right? Well yes and yes that was the plan.

A couple of songs were recorded, a few more written but that was it. After playing with such intensity for the past couple of years, they took a bit of time of and never felt a great desire to go back. It seemed it had stopped being fun to be a Lapel.

In the aftermath numerous people repeatedly asked about a best of. Realising that this was very much a fans record we were reluctant to just compile the eps and singles and tag on the album sessions. A 21 track compilation of demo versions and unreleased tracks was assembled, running in largely chronological order. If I could change one thing, I'd flip the running order and start with the newest tracks first.


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