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PHOP020: The Bambinos / The Ran-Tan Waltz - Being There / If The People Are Against You The Future Is Yours

Keen to follow on from the promise of their EP The Bambinos were planning on extensive touring in 2011. They had a joint tour with their friends The Ran-Tan Waltz to begin with and floated the idea of a split EP to go with it.
The Ran-Tan Waltz previously hadn't made sense to me before but I liked this new incarnation of the band so I was on board. 

The tour happened in the spring and was a bit of mixed bag, the highlight being a packed gig in Camden. That proved to pretty much the end for both bands. While The Ran-Tan Waltz carried on for a while, that was the last time that incarnation played together (the final two dates of the tour were cancelled). The Bambinos only played once more at the opening night of the first Long Division. Pete decided to leave the band at that point and the close knit group couldn't find a replacement they felt comfortable with. Such a shame.

By the way, I've no idea why the ep has two names but there you go.

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