Time To Raise The Bar

PHOP015: The Spills -Smoke Signals

Having established a decent foundation over the previous two years we needed to push things on it a bit. Fortunately for us the bands were more than doing that themselves.

This ep made The Spills' previous single sound primitive. Their more accomplished and confident work to date, so confident that they put a curveball of a track as the opener in Fish-eye Lens. The rest of the ep was a little more familar but bolder, crisper, just better than what they'd done before. The Spills weren't just a band with potential anymore.

Smoke Signals also marked what some people regard as our move away from DIY packaging toward 'professional' packaging, as my friend Sarah remarked 'That's looks like something you'd find in a shop'. When I pointed out that we'd had a dozen releases on sale in shops before she just replied 'You know what I mean.' I did know what you meant but we've only ever gone for what we can afford to do at the time. Well not really, but you know what I mean.

Listen to ep (cd is half price til the end of January too):

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