The Way I'd Like To Go

PHOP019: Piskie Sits - The Way I'd Like To Go EP

Having begun to record the (still) long awaited follow up to their acclaimed debut album Piskie Sits underwent an uncharacteristic line up change. They decided to mark Steve's departure from the band by releasing the recordings as an EP. The recordings with the new drummer would form the album. That drummer, well known around these parts, one Michael Ainsley (you can see him poked his head onto the front cover).

It's lucky they did release this EP otherwise these songs may have been lost like some many since. The album beginning to have a Chinese Democracyesque gestation period (although there's no way it could be that bad when it does surface). They are currently without drummer again unfortunately but hopefully we'll see the album before the year is out.

Until then listen to the EP:

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