The Start of a look through our discography

As we approach our 5th anniversary, I'm going to profile the whole discography, starting obviously with:

PHOP001: Lapels - Painted Skeletons / Last Great Civilisation
Philophobia kind of cam into being around Lapels. I was working with them at Louder Than Bombs Records but was thinking of going alone. PHOP actually came into being in the middle of the recording sessions for this single. Painted Skeletons was recorded at the old Greenmount Studios in December 2007. By the time they returned to Greenmount in March the label was formed and it was decided this would be the first release. It wasn't released until July 2008 for largely financial reasons. If I hadn't decided to order 500 copies (half of which are still under my bed) it might have come out sooner.

As well as the two songs on the 7" the band also recorded Forever Too Lonely To Smile. They were fed up with the song but a lot of people liked it, so it was decided to record it and release it as a download only bonus track (as was the fashion at the time). That way people could listen to and they wouldn't have to play it again (they did but only once more for their only ever encore). In addition to the band myself, Jamie Lockhart and Beth Chesworth got roped into to joining the group vocal at the beginning.

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