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PHOP012: The Bambinos - In Bed With The Bambinos

In the couple of years before Philophobia's formation, The Bambinos were one of the best young bands around Wakefield. Contemporaries and equals of The Spills, they were planned to be the next signings to Louder Than Bombs Records. They split up before that could happen. Drummer Sam went off to university and before too long Jay had formed Sponge Wings. It seemed that was that.

It was quite a surprise then in Autumn 2009 when they said they were getting back together (Sam was still at university after all). Armed with a whole new set they decamped to Irene Cottage studios with Rob Slater (they'd originally been the first band he produced there), recorded this ep.

The ep came out in early 2010 and it was soon like they'd never been away and the next year promised much more.

Oh and I was a bit surprised we never got any raised eyebrows about the title. I think the band were more disappointed though.

There is only 1 CD copy remaining now:

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