Some Things Still Matter

PHOP007: Various - Some Things Still Matter

In the Summer of 2009 we released our first compilation album. I'd resisted compiling one previous as there had been a glut of them in the few years previous so felt it'd just be repeated what was already available (plus I'd been involved in the release of at least two of them).

Still being wary of this I spent a few days trawling through myspace (ask your older brother) listening to lots of stuff. I fired off some messages and most never replied. Fair enough really. A couple though did. They were Angry Sandwich, Hoodlums and LadybiRds.

The rest of compilation was made up of roster at the time plus the first appearances of current Philophobia favourites The Spills and imp.

I've recently been told that the St Gregory Orange track was incorrectly titled. I'd listed it as Pretend Scared but it should have been Pretend Sacred. Bugger. Oh well.

All cd copies went a long time ago but you can still find the album at:

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