Silly Packaging Ideas Again

PHOP011: Various - The Heartfelt EP

It'd been a while since I'd had a ridiculous packaging idea for an ep. That changed with this ep with the most ridiculous idea yet (or since). The Heartfelt would come in a heart shaped felt sleeve and I'd sew them all together. I'd not picked up a needle and thread since Year 9 (about 15 years!). After sewing my thumb into more than half a dozen I eventually finished them. They weren't the tightest stitch but obviously that was a metaphor for the delicate nature of a heart; if you don't handle them carefully they break. Right?

The ep featured a new band featuring Abi from Sponge Wings and Rob from The Compression called Jeremiah. They were a much loved but ultimately short lived band unfortunately, to all intents and purposes stopping when 2009 did. They did not officially split but only gigged sporadically and haven't done anything since their appearance on the Long Division Fringe in 2011.

The A side featured imp. Imp had been on a bit of a back burner for the past year. Riggs and Howdle had joined Lapels in the Autumn of 2008 but when Lapels quietened down to write their album, imp with Mike from Lapels recruited on bass made a live return. The recordings here are a bit of a curiosity, neither like the bands previous material nor really indicative of the band they would become.

The ep has so out as of this month but you can still have listen at:

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