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PHOP006: Lapels / Sponge Wings - Rocket Footage EP

Cited by some as the real starting point of Philophobia. While it would be remiss to dismiss the previous releases as preamble, I understand what they mean. There was an anticipation for this record that there wasn't previously. Sponge Wings had become one of the most loved bands around Wakefield and Lapels had returned with a revised line up and brand new set of songs, that were causing even their staunchest detractors whether they'd been too quick to judge.

Not only that but in the run up to the release Lapels were invited to record a session for Marc Riley on BBC 6music. Asked to play 3 songs the cheeky scamps (Marc's words) managed to play an extra  song without the BBC realising. Maybe that's why they've never asked anyone else since.

The EP itself contained 2 tracks from each band on the 7" with each covering eachother for bonus digital tracks. The 7" came wrapped in decorators dust sheeting (obviously) pinned together with 3 badges (Lapels, Sponge Wings & Philophobia). It was named Rocket Footage by Howdle of Lapels for no particular reason which is reason enough.

Although an important and successful record in our back catalogue, it is tinged with the sadness that within a year of the release both bands were no more.

A final note, there is only one copy of the ep remaining and it's only £1.

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