Portraits of a Young Band

PHOP010: The Spills - I'm Scared I Might / Faux Pas Ha Ha

Having previously worked with them during my time at Louder Than Bombs Records I was naturally delighted when The Spills asked if I'd put out this single. Especially as they were the best songs they written up that point.

It would be their first standalone physical release and had an interesting idea for the artwork. Instead of one single cover image, there would be four different ones each one featuring a band member as a child (the digital release only features Chad for reasons that escape me now, probably the only one that was in on time).

How much this marketing ploy helped the single become the biggest selling Philophobia release (at the time of writing anyway) is open to debate. Minimal I would say. It has just recently sold out though (save for a couple of copies at http://www.normanrecords.com/records/111848-spills-im-scared-i-might-faux-pas-ha-hs )

You can also listen to it at:

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