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PHOP018: imp - Just Destroyer EP

The debut EP by imp. That's imp. Not I.M.P. Not even IMP. imp. Who would have thought we could have so many problems with such a simple name. It seems a rap group called Ill Mannered Playerz have imp covered as secondary name when we send stuff to iTunes or something. I don't know why imp is a word, not an acronym. F.u.c.k.i.n.g. tools.

You may also notice that the front cover features a castle on it's side. Unless you buy the EP from a digital store. Perhaps it was naivety on my part but I didn't think I needed to put a note saying 'don't flip the jpg on it's side.' My bad. Should have been over cautious as it looks so much better on it's side.

Anyway the EP itself is a curious beast. Largely instrumental and where there are lyrics they are fairly simplistic, it is musically ambitious. I'm not going to attempt to go into an in depth review here you'll be better off listening to it yourself.

So listen here and grab one of the remaining copies of the cd:

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