If only it was on a tape

PHOP004: Hearts Are Tape Machines - St Gregory Orange

Initially intended to be released before Things We Said In Bedrooms, this digital only EP was first delayed due to sorting which other tracks should be included, and then secondly when Harry approached Tim about playing the album live. They decided to use backing tracks to compliment Harry's guitar until they found the right people for each part.

So in mid August to coincide with their debut gig supporting John Cooper Clarke the three track ep with new tracks Framehit Blonderland and P.S. Good Luck With The Dying Thing was released. No-one bought it, no-one seemed to even register it came out aside from a couple of reviews. It would be a long time before we dared to release something without a physical format again.

Listen: http://philophobiamusic.bandcamp.com/album/hearts-are-tape-machines

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