Disco part 2

PHOP002: Various - Do You Suffer From Philophobia? EP

After the release of Lapels' single we were left with a kind of blank canvas. Philophobia had no history or expectations so we could do anything. I'd always liked the eps Fierce Panda put out; 4 bands, 4 songs across 2 7"s (or 1 cd).

After overspending on the previous release, there was no chance I could afford to manage to put an ep out on vinyl and a simple cd seemed a bit boring. So I nicked an idea from an early Napoleon IIIrd ep. That had a cd tucked into a folded over 7". Each ep would have 2 of these with 2 songs on each cd.

Realising I needed 400 old 7' I started scouring the local charity shops, delighting one woman in Morley when I bought the entire basket full in her shop. With the help of a borrowed paint stripper gun I spent the summer fold the records (and burning my fingerprints off).

The ep came out in September 2008 and featured four bands from around Wakefield. They were Sponge Wings, Pavilion, One day, after school............ & The Bundesrats. The ep has long since sold out but you can still listen and download for whatever you like at


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