A New First

PHOP005: St Gregory Orange - Things We Said In Bedrooms

Released in March 2009 Things We Said In Bedrooms was a first in many ways for Philophobia. It was the first album we released. It was the first St Gregory Orange release. It was our first non guitar release. It was the first record we wouldn't be able to promote through gigs. There was no band you see. Hell, there was only about 6 people who knew who St Gregory Orange was and that included Jamie who mastered the album, myself and St Greg himself.

So what we were thinking I hear you say. Well in the Autumn of 2008 Tim Metcalfe, then of Lapels, gave me a cd of tracks. He'd done this before but previous offerings included songs that were to become Lapels songs. The songs on this cd ere not Lapels songs, lyrically there was a different voice speaking. Anyway after weeks of near constant listening I asked Tim if I could release it. He agreed and rejigged the running order and changed a couple of tracks.

Upon release the album proved to be well received by fans and press a like. By late Spring Harry Rhodes had joined Tim and they began playing the album live. It'd take a while before the full band came together but that's a story for another time.

Listen to Things We Said In Bedrooms (or maybe buy for £3, go on) at:


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