Runaround Kids UK Dates

A bit late in posting this but following on from their recent tour of Ireland with We Are Losers last month, Runaround Kids play a series of gigs around the UK to coincide with the release this week of Runaround Kids Vs We Are Losers EP

Following on from last Wednesday's gig at Nation of Shopkeepers in Leeds you can catch them at the following places:

16th July Soyo, Sheffield
24th July Pav Tav, Brighton
25th July Start The Bus, Bristol
17th Aug Beacons Festival, Skipton

The EP came out this week too, thanks if you've already bought it. If you haven't, you can get it from the gigs and link above as well as:

Rough Trade
Norman Records
Jumbo Records
Elastic Witch
Plugd Records
Piccadilly Records
Crash Records

The digital version can be found at iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Bandcamp, emusic and many others.

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