Under The Bus Station Clock

Our new compilation entitled 'Under The Bus Station Clock' will be released on 2nd August. It will be limited to 100 CD copies and you should expect to pay around £2. You'll be able to find it at Jumbo Records (Leeds), Crash Records (Leeds), http://www.normanrecords.com, http://www.theespc.com and http://philophobiamusic.bandcamp.com

The Tracklisting is as follows:
1 How To Stay Airtight In A Southern State - Junior Swimsuit
2 A Billion Parallels, Crashing - One Day, After School
3 Let It Go - The Fur Blend
4 When The Weathers Wrong - The Bambinos
5 Cost Of Living - Salvage My Dream
6 Pan Away And Fade To Black - St. Gregory Orange
7 My Least Favourite Brunette - Imp
8 Do Whatever He Says - Jeremiah
9 Devout Loops - Tiny Planets
10 Sweat Little Weasel - Piskie Sits
11 Hoop - Don't Give Up On Suburbia
12 Frontal Lobe (The Joy Of Checking Once) - The Spills
13 Hazy Vapours - + Swords +
14 Twitching Deep And Cursing Sweet - Harry Rhodes
15 Slip Smash - Michael Ainsley
16 Camouflage - Daniel Lancaster
17 Francine - The Compression
18 Pilot Episode - Above Us the Waves
19 The Rash That Grows - By By
20 Gimp - Candid Squash

We'll be having a launch party at The Hop on 31st July with Piskie Sits, Tiny Planets, The Fur Blend, The Bambinos, Candid Squash, Above Us the Waves and One Day After School playing. Doors 7pm, free entry.


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