Posthumous Lapels Records

Hello people

How are you all? Good? Well good. As you should be aware Lapels split at the end of last year. As the band was too important for them to be allowed to fade into memory we decided they deserved a compilation. So we are releasing one. Next Month in fact. 26th April accurately speaking.
It's called 'What We Tried And How We Failed' and will retail for around £4 at our usual outlets.

The Tracklisting is as follows:

1 The Ballad of Russell San Diego (Demo)
2 Double Feature Picture Show
3 Zombie Record Shop Girl
4 Andy Warhol Action Figure (Loft Tape)
5 Forever Too lonely To Smile (Loft Tape)
6 Phillip K Dick (Home Demo)
7 You Used To Be Cool Man, You've Changed
8 A Special Kind Of Dirt (When Castles Fall)
9 NYC Bug Avenger Guy
10 561 Dead Astronaughts (Demo)
11 Painted Skeletons (Demo)
12 Requiem For Pale Pornographers
13 Damn This Cursed Century Part 1
14 Damn This Cursed Century Part 2
15 Fine Black ashes
16 Ex Childrens Author (Demo)
17 Last Living Goth (Outside Of Hull)
18 Song For The Colonies
19 Dream Sequins (Sponge Wings Cover)
20 Unwestern Hemispheres
21 The Telephonist

We'll start taking orders in the next week at where initial quanities will come with the bonus live rarities compilation 'Team Foreverland : Songs of Love & Timetravel'. This will not be available in shops or as digital download.

Tracklisting for this is:

1 Untitled #1
2 561 Dead Astronaughts
3 Phillip K Dick
4 Epstein Candy Masquerade
5 Forever Too Lonely To Smile
6 Killthread Transmissions Of The Hivemind Colony
7 Jilted Teenage Drinkers Club
8 How I Killed The Magnethead
9 The Ballad Of Russell San Diego
10 Clampdown (The Clash Cover0
11 Andy Warhol Action Figure (Slow Version)
12 Untitled #2
13 Shit
14 Zombie Record Shop Girl
15 Dr. Ink
16 I'm No Poet
17 Song In B7
18 Painted Skeletons
19 Last Great Civilisation
20 The Ballad Of Russell San Diego (ELFM session)
21 561 Dead Astronaughts (ELFM session)
22 Song For The Colonies (ELFM session)
23 Collarbones / Abemantis (BBC 6music session)
24 Song For The Colonies (BBC 6music session)
25 When We Were Evil (BBC 6music session)

So that's 160 minutes of music for £4 in total if you've not worked it out yet. Not bad eh?

Also there should be one final special Lapels gig. When we have confirmation, we'll let you know.

Ta Ta for now
Philophobia xx


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