New St. Gregory Orange single

The first single to be lifted from the critically acclaimed debut album by St. Gregory Orange 'Things We Said In Bedrooms' will be released digitally on 1oth July. 'Hearts Are Tape Machines' will be available on iTunes b/w exclusive non album tracks 'Framehit Plonderland' and 'PS Good Luck With The Dying Thing'.

St. Gregory is also due to make his live debut this summer (I'll let you know when it's confirmed).

'Things We Said In Bedrooms' reviews

'We could do with more individualists like St Gregory Orange.' 8/10 This Is Fake DIY

'A unique sort of mad-professor' Sheffield Music

'A 20 something Adrian Mole doing Four Tet' 4/5 The Beat Surrender

'A slow motion dream' 3.5/5 Manchester Music

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